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From Bradrick J. Pretzer

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Printing photos or text for personal use

If you would like to print a photograph to hang on your wall, refrigerator or in your office go ahead. Please send me an email telling me which one you printed so that I can discover which pictures people seem to like most.

If you would like the highest quality print for the vertical supports of your dwelling again email me and for a small fee I will have one produced for you from the original transparency.

Non-Commercial web use of photos and text

If you would like to use a photograph or text on a non-commercial web page or personal home page please do the following.

You may use my photographs for non-commercial web use free of charge

Commercial Web use of photos

If you would like to use a photograph or text on a commercial web page please do the following.

There is no charge for this type usage either; however, I do reserve the right to deny usage on any site that I desire.

Note: None of my photos have model releases. Of course, with this in mind realize that you cannot use one of my photographs to sell something. Advertising types of commercial work are different from those of editorial. If you would like to use one of my photographs to advertise a product or service, email me and in some cases I still have contacts with the individual or group in a photograph and we can make an arrangement to get the appropriate releases.

Print use of photographs and text

If you wish to use one of my photographs on a brochure, magazine, catalog, or other commercial printed materal please email me so that I can get you the best quality image and we can work out an arrangement to use the photograph.


If you see one of my pictures in a magazine, brochure or a web page and there is no credit; please tell me about it. I'll send you a free print for your wall.