Embraer 145 Cockpit

Embraer 135/140/145 Regional Jet

by Bradrick J. Pretzer

The Embraer 135/140/145 is a great airplane to fly. The main difference between all three models is simply the size of the fusealge. Many pictures can be found at Airliners.Net. This is a tremendous web site for photographs of any airplane that you wish to see. Below are some technical details about the Embraer 135/140/145. View my notes from the long term class.

Embraer 145 On The Ground

Basic Aircraft Facts

Maximum Speed 320 KIAS or Mach 0.78
Maximum Altitude 37,000 ft.
Maximum Takeoff Weight Embraer 145: 48,501 lbs.
Embraer 140: 46,517
Embraer 135: 44,092
Maximum Landing Weight Embraer 145: 42,549 lbs.
Embraer 140: 41,226
Embraer 135: 40,785
Engines Allison AE3007 Turbofan
7,426 Lbs. Thrust each at S.L.
Seating Embraer 145: 50
Embraer 140: 44
Embraer 135: 37
Fuel Capacity 11,100 lbs
Jet A