Mountain Hardware Room With A View Tent Review

by Brad Pretzer

Surely I frustrated the salesman at Hilton's Tent City in Boston as I spent in excess of an hour trying to decide which tent to purchase. While I don't like to waste other's time, this one was worth it. The Room With A View by Mountain Hardware has been an excellent tent. Together, we have weathered thunderstorms with torrential downpours and fierce winds; days on end of rain, and some nice sunshine too. Even when setting up the tent in the rain, I have spent every night perfectly dry.

A huge innovation in this tent compared to others is the amount of mesh material used in the construction of the tent itself. The sidewalls are at least 50% mesh and there is more to be found throughout. This design allows valuable airflow through the tent to promote a dry environment even when it is humid or raining. Also, you never wake up to a veritable sauna. This is the greatest advantage of this tent.

Along Fundy Trail Parkway Since you are dry and comfortable, you can take advantage of the luxury skylight that gives the Room With A View its name. The fly, which does not have to be used if you are sure it is going to be a dry night (remember all that mesh?) has a large clear panel in the top. Even with all the hatches closed, you still have a great view of the sky from within the tent. I found this also helpful for late evening reading when the bugs are too much to deal with outside.

Setup is simple for one person and nearly instantaneous with two. Many times I don't use any stakes; however, if there is any wind and the tent is empty it will become airborne. If you employ all the stakes and guy lines the structure seems bombproof. The vestibule area is plenty large to accommodate footwear and a pack from each of the two occupants. The manufacturer recommends that you store the poles extended. That has been a bit problematic in my small apartment as the two main poles are extremely long. Aside from that, nothing has failed me on this tent so far. I am considering taking it up Mt. Washington this upcoming winter for a short two-day adventure.